• Realtime Database
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Provider/Driver System


  • Home & Local Services
  • Live Matching & Messaging
  • Grocery & Food Delivery
  • Logistics & Transportation


  • Dynamic Database
  • Payment Processing
  • Ecommerce Solutions


  • Ecommerce & Auctions
  • Educational Systems
  • Booking Services
  • Attractions & Events


  • Managed Database
  • User Account System
  • Administrator Dashboard


  • Content Distribution
  • Social Media & Blogs
  • Task & Plan Management
  • Clubs, Jobs or Recipes

Need Something More?

Our Additional Packages & Services

To meet our promise of accessibility, we've created a few add-ons to assist businesses with budget constraints, existing web apps, or those simply looking to test their idea before building a custom app.

Basic Website
  • Standard Site Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Hosting & Support
  • We design and setup a landing page, for your app or business.
Wrapper App
  • Native App WebView
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Hosting & Support
  • We wrap your existing web-app natively, for AppStore delivery.
Prototype App
  • User Interface Mockups
  • iOS & Android Designs
  • Hosting & Support
  • We create an interactive version of your app, from the UI design.

Ask Something?

Frequently Asked Questions

The main differences are the level of functionality, complexity and features your app can have. Whilst custom apps can have just about anything you can think of (subject to your budget), templates have restrictions that allow us to deliver them rapidly and at affordable prices. The "Advanced" tier includes features like location tracking and real-time data; the "Professional" tier only allows for dynamic data, without live location; whilst the "Standard" tier is restricted to admin managed data (via an internal dashboard), without any payment processing functionality.

Almost all aspects of our templates can be customized to your requirements and specifications, including: branding, color schemes and content. Speak with our sales team, to confirm the level of customization the template is capable of handling. Of course there are some restrictions and if you need something completely bespoke, we would recommend using our custom development service - where our designers and developers build a unique app, according to your own scope.

This is an interactive and clickable version, setup using the app's interface designs to perform the actions of your application, but without having an AppStore presence. Normally we offer this as part of a custom-build project, but it can often be useful for companies looking to collect user feedback, present to customers or raise investment; without having to develop the live version.

This is essentially a website or web-app put inside a iOS and Android app through a native web view. We generally DO NOT recommend these as they do not perform well and often go against AppStore guidelines. They are only suitable for those with budget constraints, or looking to get an AppStore presence quickly. We can ONLY offer this package if you have an existing web-app.

Template packages require on-going maintenance and support to ensure they're fully functional and always up-to-date, with new device compatibility and meet the ever-changing AppStore(s) guidelines. We offer monthly support plans; to help keep your app up and running - hosting the database or backend. New features or functionality, is charged separately on a per-project basis.

The short answer is, yes we do - there are two ways we can handle this for you. The first option: is through your own AppStore accounts (Apple Developer & Google Play), we can set these up on your behalf - it may take a few days to process and for which there is a nominal annual fee - your company name and branding WILL be shown on the AppStore pages. The second option: is through our (Appily) AppStore accounts - we already have these setup and there is no annual fee - however your company name and branding will NOT be shown on the AppStore pages.

Need a more custom app?

If none of our templates fit your requirements, or you're looking for something more bespoke; our custom-app development package might be best. Get in touch today and we'll see how we can help.